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Thursday, 9 February 2017

high radiation levels discovered at crippled Fukushima plant

Newly-discovered radiation levels in one of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant’s reactors are stunningly high, the Japan Times and others have reported. The space is so radioactive that even a robot couldn’t last two hours, let alone a human.
It was on March 11, 2011, that the coastal power plant in Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture was hit by a tidal wave, which not only cut off the plant’s electrical power, also took out the generators that provided its backup power. The natural disaster triggered the meltdown of three reactors at the plant.
The new readings come from inside reactor two, where the radiation levels are 530 sieverts per hour, according to Tepco, the Tokyo Electric Power Company. That’s highly radioactive— most radiation is measured in thousandths of a sievert, a unit called a millisievert.
One dental X-ray is just .01 millisievert, according to the Guardian— which also pointed out that 10 sieverts can lead to death.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Donald Trump is still abusing women ... with his wife Melania the latest victim

Donald Trump is still abusing women...with his wife Melania the latest victim. 

Yet another alleged abuse victim of Donald Trump emerged last night on CNN, and again this morning on Fox — and this time, it was the candidate's own wife, Melania Trump.
Yes, the would-be First Lady was trotted out for the cameras to deliver, in her own (or her husband's own) words, how proud she is of her husband for standing up to the left-wing media conspiracy against him.
Huh? Yes, just a few days after the release of a tape on which her husband boasted of sexually abusing women, Melania Trump said it's all a conspiracy because "my husband is kind, he's a gentleman, he cares about people, he cares about women. He is not the man you heard on the tape."

Actually, he is the man we heard on that tape. And he's the man we've seen in the headlines for decades boasting that sex with him is "the best sex" anyone has ever had. So pretty much everyone believes the allegations of the Cosby-esque binders of women that have testified that Donald Trump's locker-room talk isn't just talk.
It's pretty clear that Melania herself believes some of the allegations about her husband, admitting on CNN that the tape sounded to her like "two teenage boys (who) should behave better, right?"
"Sometimes I say I have two boys at home," she said "I have my young son and my husband." (Which one is running for president? It's hard to tell, which is why it's not too late to consider dumping Donald for Barron.)
Of course, Donald Trump is not the first flailing politician to repulsively trot out his traumatized wife for the cameras. They all do it when they need cover. And Hillary Clinton knows that better than anyone.

But as in that famous "I'm not Tammy Wynette" moment, the wife isn't typically sent out there to do battle alone. When Hillary stood by her man, at least Bill was sitting there, squirming and having to pretend that he was sorry.
Melania's only allies were her penthouse view and her gilded Louis XIV chairs. Nothing says, "My husband is a man of the people and this whole thing is a left-wing conspiracy" like a penthouse view and a gilded Louis XIV chair.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Latest Solar Flare Activity- Strong G3 Geomagneti...

Latest Solar Flare Activity: latest solar flare activity - 

latest solar flare activity - Strong G3 Geomagnetic Storm June 22 2015

The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) has issued a Strong G3 Geomagnetic Storm watch beginning tomorrow (June 22). The expected storm is the result of a full halo CME observed early Sunday morning. Sky watchers at middle to high latitudes should be alert for visual aurora during the next several days.

Solar activity during the past 24 hours was moderate. Region 2367 was responsible for the strongest X-Ray event of the period, an impulsive M3.8 flare peaking at 09:44 UTC. A noteworthy CME from this event is unlikely. The most interesting event of the past 24 hours was a dual M-Flare event around region 2371 during the early hours of June 21. An M2.0 flare was quickly followed up by an M2.6 event at 02:34 UTC.

 A full halo coronal mass ejection (CME) became visible soon after in coronagraph imagery and appears to be Earth directed. An impact to our geomagnetic field will be possible during the next 48-72 hours and could lead to geomagnetic storming at high latitudes. Additional isolated M-Flares will be possible around both regions 2367 and 2371 during the next day. Stay tuned to for the latest information.

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